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How to apply

How to apply

We want to create change in society. We do this by supporting projects that have a ripple effect. We believe in those who believe in their projects. We support those passionate, fiery souls that have a strong vision and the courage to think different.

Please note that all applications must go through out electronic application system - we do not accept written applications

In the recent years our projects have been more and more focused around vulnerable children and young people. We believe that in order to pull together as a unit in the future we need to make sure that all hands have the strength to do the lifting. We believe there's ressources in each and everyone of us. Thus projects aiming at securing the well-being, safe environment and upbringing for those vulnerable groups in society have our interest.

In addition we support projects ranging within our foundation charter such as shipping, culture, social and humanitarian work, and education.

This is how we select the projects we work with
All relevant applications are considered in our Appropriations Committee. They recommend the projects to the board of directors - the final approving instance.

The Appropriations Comittee make sure the applications submitted to the board are within the charter. They go through the projects economy and see if there's a set of values behind the project that matches the Foundation's. They look at the "help-to-self help" aspect together with the volunteer and sustainability aspect of the project. It's important for the committee that the fiery souls behind the application shines through. The support from Lauritzen Fonden could be what gets the project started or helps it through a critical phase. We evaluate what kind of increased value a grant from us could lead to. It is very important to us that the projects we engage in do not become dependent of our support. Independency is key - that's why we always favour when other foundations are applied for as well. We engange in long term collaborations if it's vital for the purpose of the grant. Historically we have an interest in the areas Aalborg, Esbjerg, Ribe, Frederikshavn and Elsinore. Our goal is to take responsibilty for the development of the society around us without falling for crazes. 


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