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The Lauritzen award

We believe in acting and the support of young talents

Each year we give away an acting award for best female and best male actor. But unlike most other theatre and acting awards our award is not only targeted at stage actors and actresses. The Lauritzen Award focus on attention and current relevance in the mode of acting and expression. Therefore the award can be given to anyone with a résumé within film and TV as well. The recipients are selected by an Award Committee and cannot be applied for. 

Besides the main categories that are awarded with DKK 250,000 each there are five other awards handed out at the award show. 
They are:

The Vision Award
The award is for 100,000 DKK and is given to a person, an organization or a group that has had the courage to go where no one else has gone before and has done it with a strong, creative vision. The prize can go to both projects within theatre but also film and TV.

Children and youth Award
This award of 50,000 DKK is given to a person, organization or a group who focus on children and youth and have worked intensively with a relevant issue at eye level with their target group. The award goes to productions/projects within theatre, movies, radio and TV - or something that crosses platforms and has the courage to pass the bounds.

The Backstage Award
An award of 50,000 DKK is given to a person that normally stands in the shadow of the actors in a production, whether it’s film, TV or theatre. Through his or her work the actors stands out in their performances. The award can go to a playwright, scriptwriter, a technician, a photographer, a set designer or a costume designer etc. I short, a person that contribute extraordinarily to what’s going on behind the scenes.

The Wauw Award
The award of 30,000 DKK is given to an established actor/ actress performing an untraditional and surprising role.

The Believe in You Award
Two prizes of 20,000 DKK are awarded in this category that aims at rewarding young talents that have been noticed throughout the year or have shown remarkable acting skills and great potential.

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